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August 02, 2012 | Visits(3432)
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Talk on Monasticism

Talk on Monasticism

The nuns of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery gave a very informative talk at St. Nicholas Church, on Thursday, Aug. 2.  Led by the opening segment spoken by Mother Theodora about what monasticism is, Sr. Julie and Jessie then also contributed to the presentation.

From Mother Theodora, the 30 people in attendance learned that monasticism is in itself a "mystery", but one with many outward manifestations.  One only needs to observe a monastics journey toward unity with God.  This process presents itself as a life of repentance, prayer and worship based on love, service and renunciation.

Next, Sr. Julie described the history and development of monasticism explaining how this "mystery" was planted in the heart of the disciples by Christ Himself. This planting was watered by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, then sprouted and took shape through the monastic mothers and fathers of the church, growing and flowering throughout the centuries.

Jessie concluded the presentation by addressing the question of why monasticism is needed more than ever today.  This is because world today needs to be reminded of the value of the human person as created in the image and likeness of God.  The monastic understands this through prayer and the need to provide to the world a witness of authentic Christianity. 

Everyone present was blessed, in that each received encouragement for witnessing today, and a better understanding of how our ultimate fulfillment lies beyond this life, in full communion with our Heavenly Father.

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