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Two pals are sitting in a pub watching the eleven-o'clock news. A report comes on about a man threa... more »
Iron Eyes Cody is a native American actor who once did a TV spot for the Keep America Beautiful campaign. He was an Indian drifting alone in a canoe. As he saw how our waters are being polluted, a si... more »

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September 07, 2014 | Visits(90)
Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross John 3:13-17   GREGORY OF NAZIANUS; Let us praise the Son first of all, venerating the blood t... more »
September 21, 2014 | Visits(77)
Sunday After The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Sunday After The Exaltation of the Holy Cross Mark 8:34-9:1   Tertullian; The faithful are not ashamed that the Son of God was crucified. He... more »
September 28, 2014 | Visits(76)
16th Sunday After Pentecost
16th Sunday After Pentecost Luke 5: 1-11 The technical vocabulary of fishing is scattered throughout this passage, suggesting t... more »

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July 19, 2014 | Visits(107)
New Chandeliers
New Chandeliers As the saying goes, many hands make for light work. Or, is it that many hands make lights work? Bot... more »
May 10, 2014 | Visits(174)
From Community Pregnancy Center
From Community Pregnancy Center Dear friends at St. Nicholas, Your efforts in conducting the Lenten baby bottle drive for the clien... more »
April 13, 2014 | Visits(215)
First Confession
First Confession The parish family would like to congratulate our children who have made their first confession this... more »

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